Healing Hands

Thank you for expressing interest in being a healing hand. We recognize the importance of a holistic approach when it comes to healing trauma to fully release it from the body, mind, and spirit. This division is open to our healers who are trauma-informed and have programs and/or services that they feel our trauma survivors can benefit from. Some examples can be the following:

· Exercise
· Ayurveda
· Yoga
· Tai Chi
· Qi Gong
· Somatic Experiencing
· Art Therapy
· Sound Healing Therapy
· Traditional Chinese Medicine
· Emotion Code Release
· Light Therapy
· Any other healing modality

· Massage Therapy
· Hypnotherapy
· Acupuncture
· Acupressure
· Breathwork
· Meditation
· Hypnosis
· Past Life Regression
· Aromatherapy
· Herbal Therapy
· Reiki Healing
· Nutrition

These practices are essential tools that we can use to release those underlying dense trapped emotions, commence in self-forgiveness, understand trauma processes, and reclaim sovereignty.

What to expect as a Healing Hand?

As a Healing Hand, you can expect to be part of a supportive community dedicated to healing trauma survivors through collaboration and holistic approaches. You'll have the opportunity to join forces with like-minded healers, sharing your unique gifts and expertise to support those in need. This collaborative environment fosters learning, growth, and mutual support among diverse practitioners specializing in various modalities. You'll receive resources and support to enhance your practice, including opportunities for networking, training, and promotional assistance.