Global Alliances

The Child Liberation Foundation recognizes that unity is an essential part of making a difference. Together we are stronger. We are proudly supporting other organizations and foundations that are also working tirelessly to make a difference in our fight for eradicating child trafficking. We need a tribe, a community to come together to support the liberation of our children. Our Global Alliances consist of organizations that focus on the fight against child trafficking.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro

You are fit to become a Global Alliance if your organization is a

· Safe house
· Adoption center
· Orphanage
· Rehabilitation center
· Sanctuary
· Organization providing education, prevention and/ awareness
· Organization focused on the social reintegration of victims of trafficking
· Organization reuniting children with their families
· Organization run by government or veteran operators that focus on rescues and the arrest of criminals
· Any governmental or non for profit dedicated to the welfare of trafficked children.

What is expected of our Global Alliances

· The Child Liberation Foundation is committed to continuously keep a coalition of organizations together in order to strengthen our mission and to ultimately support the work that we are all doing to eradicate trafficking.

Requirements to become a Global Alliance

· We believe that if we can come together and strategize on ways to work and expand towards this mission, we will make a continous global impact on humanity. Our only requirement is that our Global Alliances work together in community and integrity to support each other as a tribe to strengthen and create synergy for the sake of liberating our children.