Paul Hutchinson: Luminary of Hope in Humanitarian Liberation
In a world teetering on the edge of darkness, Paul Hutchinson emerges as a beacon of light—a man whose life is an unwavering commitment to creating a sanctuary of safety, freedom, and hope for every soul. A successful business owner and revered philanthropist, Paul has etched a profound legacy of compassion and transformation with an unstoppable life mission: Liberate Humanity and eradicate Child Trafficking.

A Legacy of Giving: Paul Hutchinson's Personal Journey Beyond Success
Paul emerged from the world of business as a successful entrepreneur with multiple exits and has helped to start, fund, and mentor many other new and growing businesses. Yet, it is in the realm of philanthropy that Mr. Hutchinson's heart truly shines as a beacon across the globe. His philanthropic endeavors, bathed in compassion, transcend mere financial contributions. A luminary with an unwavering focus on reshaping the destiny of innocent children worldwide, Paul channels not only his resources but, remarkably, risked his life in the pursuit of rescuing children from traffickers.
His commitment extends beyond the realm of financial benevolence. Paul actively invests his time in civic organizations, charities, political groups, and universities.
Paul Hutchinson's story it's an emotional symphony that reverberates with the chords of compassion and courage. Each act, each risk, and each donation is a brushstroke on the canvas of a legacy that transcends the boundaries of business and reaches the very heart of humanity.

Unmasking the Shadows: A Heroic Crusader for the Innocent
Paul's journey takes an extraordinary turn as he steps into the shadows to rescue children enslaved in the vile grip of child sex trafficking. A guardian angel in disguise, he has personally led over 70 undercover rescue missions across 15 countries. These clandestine efforts, hidden from the public eye, unveil a tale of courage, resilience, and unwavering determination.

The Sound of Freedom: A Cinematic Testament to Heroism to bring Awareness
Paul extends his impact beyond the shadows as an Executive Producer of "The Sound of Freedom" Movie, a riveting tale where Eduardo Verastegui brings his character to life. The film chronicles the true story of a former homeland security agent, and under Paul's funding and help, the rescue of 120 victims from a child trafficking organization in Colombia. Paul's pivotal role in this cinematic masterpiece reflects his unyielding commitment to the cause as a beacon igniting awareness to the world about the horrific reality of child trafficking.

From Rescuer to Founder: The Genesis of Child Liberation Foundation
A visionary with an indomitable spirit, Paul Hutchinson was the first investor in the Sound of Freedom movie and the bridge between the producer and director to the former HSI agent. After separating from the HSI agents foundation Paul gave birth to The Child Liberation Foundation and Liberating Humanity. His mission pivots toward eradicating the demand for child trafficking—by healing trauma and addiction, by educating hearts to make a difference, and by empowering individuals to protect their families.

Philanthropy in Action: A Man of Valor
Beyond the shadows and silver screens, Paul Hutchinson's impact echoes through philanthropy. His selfless dedication is a testament to his willingness to risk life for the children trapped in slavery. Knighted by the Knights Templar and Prince Lorenzo de' Medici in Rome, he stands adorned with prestigious awards like the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the 2022 International Medal of Freedom.

Guiding Lights: A Mentor, a Visionary, a Trailblazer
Paul's influence reverberates through board memberships, honorary doctorates from 12 universities, and accolades like the Race Award from Harvard Business School. As an Executive Producer, Board Member, and Honorary Colonel, he forges connections with the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation, the FBI Citizens Academy, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

From Darkness to Dawn: Recognitions and Beyond
Trained by CIA Operatives, Navy Seals, and KRAV Experts, Paul Hutchinson's commitment extends to education as a judge for the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge and a mentor at the University of Utah School of Business. Recognized as one of the "Enlightened 50" and part of the "Forty under 40," Paul's brilliance lies not just in his achievements but in the lives he touches and transforms. In every accolade, in every mission, Paul Hutchinson's narrative is one of empathy, resilience, and relentless pursuit—a symphony of compassion creating a harmonious world

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