CLF congratulates our newest Global Ambassador, Celeste Viel


The Child Liberation Foundation would like to congratulate our newest Global Ambassador Celeste Viel, for her Miss Universe Chile crowning. We honor her for the desire to help liberate children and heal humanity. Celeste is a beautiful woman in every way.

Born in Miami FL, on October 21st, 1999, she is the oldest of 5 siblings. Celeste grew up around her tv host dad & model mom surrounded by a very creative environment filled with cameras & runways. She was always around artists, and traveling often.

About Celeste

As a young girl she was always drawn to the creative world of music, drama, and fashion. Her natural desires always had her excel and thrive in the areas of creation, the arts, new ideas and creativity. Always looking outside of the box and always leading from the heart. Celeste lives her life from a place of divine feminine in full essence.

Having grown up with 3 foster siblings, she grew up understanding very clearly the importance of a healthy, loving and safe environment for youth. One of her biggest missions this year is to use the this opportunity and the power of her voice to encourage other families to open their homes and hearts to children who need it throughout the world.

For Celeste, winning the Miss Universe Chile contest means new opportunities and a way to spread her message across to the universe.

“I never thought i would join the pageant world. I always saw those girls as perfect and I couldn’t relate to them. As I grew older I realized we are all just humans trying to use our voice to make a positive impact and this was a way to achieve that platform.” ~Celeste.

Her beauty originates from deep inside her compassionate heart. Her mission and her platform are focused on helping children and now as Miss Universe Chile and a Child Liberation Global Ambassador, she is using her voice and her crown to create meaningful change in the lives of children globally.

“I believe that as humans we all have unique life experiences and lessons. It is our duty to share those stories and uplift others. There is so much we can learn if we just open our hearts to those around us.” ~ Celeste

Thank you!

The children of the world will have a better chance for a happy life because of the passion and dedication Celeste has for this great mission.

Thank you for your heart, thank you for your compassion, thank you for your service.

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