Mari Plaza Munet

Director of Operations


Mari Plaza-Munet leads communities and organizations to navigate often complex public service systems created to support wellness and social equity. Mari trains and coach colleagues and leaders working in the health, equity and non-for-profit sector, for over 25 years with capacity building techniques, that will support leaders to lead with the heart and to use skills to create tangible actions that support change. She uses equity guides, compassionate leadership tools, mediation techniques, strategic planning and effective referral approaches to address organization’s systematic and program growth, in order to be successful for communities. Plaza-Munet also guides communities to align and be trained to have a voice in the non-for-profit, government and other forums where their wisdom is absent and otherwise, they might not contribute their opinions and have an effective participation on government and non-for-profit programs affecting them.

She has worked as a non-for-profit project director and executive director addressing project adaptations and program execution, all guided by evaluation processes. She is a public speaker and trainer in equity, effective compassionate leadership, and program adaptations.

She has taken a personal commitment to learn and practice meditation, heart-mind and introspective practices since 1994 and currently instructs clients on self-reflection, relaxation, mediation, breathing, sound and creative visualization.

She has received 7 social justice awards for creating and coaching projects to be transformational and supportive of equity, diversity, and by creating programs that make the difference.

She is an inspirational multisciplinary artist since 2000, enhancing the soul presence in our lives by the use of color, geometry and forms known to science, for sparking specific brain neurons that address emotions and positive responses.

Her wellness certifications include:

· Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance USA Board of Certification

· Specializing in restorative, yin(passive), yang(active), nidra yoga

· Sound Healing Certification, Yandara Institute and Yoga Alliance USA Board of Certification

· Reiki Master, Yandara Institute, Dr. Usui Reiki’s Direct Master Allison Eaton

· Holographic Sound Healing Practitioner, Dr Paul Hubbert

· Tuning Forks Practitioner Level I and II, Biofield Tuning Certification

· Bachelor in Fine Arts, Major in Painting, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

· Breathing and Meditation Instructor, The Shambhala Center

· Certified Master intuitive sound practitioner from Beauty Perspective.

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