Katie Stoor

Project Manager



Katie came into this world with a kind loving heart, and compassion towards people and their lives being able to see them for the light and love that they are and encompass. Katie grew up in a home with alternative ways of healing, like using herbs, tinctures, reiki, EFT tapping, emotion code, kinesiology, different breathing methods and the process of aligning. This allowed her to firsthand see beautiful modalities that help with trauma, allergies, sickness, generational/ ancestral patterns/trauma and overall help to balance the body, mind, and spirit.

Katie is one of our organization’s project facilitators, and is a master in the application of new and better techniques to address program management and task execution.

As our Volunteer Coordinator, she coordinates tasks with detailed orientation, making sure our volunteer force is well recruited, trained, and managed throughout all aspects of CLF. She is in charge of aligning volunteer skills with administrative and programmatic needs and supervises them with kindness and gratitude.

She outsources volunteers globally and places them in areas of work where they can thrive.

For CLF she also keeps our evaluation and tally updated for our quarterly organization’s report.

She has 7 years of experience serving as an executive assistant, including to the CLF founder, Paul Hutchinson.

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