Carrie is the esteemed proprietor and driving force behind VIP Network and Events. Alongside her devoted husband, she nurtures and cherishes their vibrant family of 5 remarkable children. Carrie's journey into expanding her family's embrace began over 17 years ago when she encountered two vulnerable young girls and their struggling biological mother on the streets. Compassion led her to take them in, and these two radiant souls seamlessly became part of her enduring family.

Raised within a sprawling household of 17, Carrie draws from her upbringing, where her parents adopted 6 children and raised 11 of their own. Her profound happiness is derived from extending a helping hand to others, echoing her upbringing's ethos of care, love, and unity.

Through her life's work, Carrie has dedicated herself to a dual pursuit—nurturing both philanthropic causes and entrepreneurial ventures. With an unwavering commitment, she has orchestrated numerous charitable initiatives and seamlessly woven her passion for creating memorable events into her business endeavors. Her intrinsic joy stems from the act of uniting people, orchestrating events that foster connections, and instilling a sense of belonging.

For Carrie, the essence of fulfillment lies in the principle that giving is the ultimate form of receiving. This belief fuels her tireless efforts in contributing positively to the lives of others, leaving an indelible mark through her charitable contributions and the meaningful experiences she crafts through VIP Network and Events.

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