Director of Operations & Sponsorships


April is a dedicated advocate for child protection and welfare, leveraging her entrepreneurial spirit to make a profound impact. From her early years, she demonstrated leadership by organizing activities that showcased her ingenuity. As April progressed through life, her determination and resilience led her to excel in various fields.

Her commitment to community service and leadership is evident through her roles, including Director of Sponsorship and Business Development for USA Team Handball and active involvement in the mortgage industry, boating business, modeling, acting, and the restaurant industry.

April currently serves on the board of the Child Liberation Foundation, where she passionately works towards eradicating child trafficking and providing healing for victims of physical and sexual abuse. While also serving as the president of the NFL Alumni Las Vegas Chapter and on the board of the Morlon Greenwood Foundation, April channels her energy into mentoring and guiding children, ensuring they have the support needed to achieve their dreams.

Her diverse experiences contribute to her role in providing equipment financing for businesses, empowering entrepreneurs to reach new heights. Beyond her professional achievements, April takes pride in raising two accomplished individuals actively contributing to society.

Her daughter manages multiple businesses in vibrant cities, while her son, a "kid-preneur," prepares for his journey after completing high school. April's remarkable journey, marked by entrepreneurship, leadership, and a deep commitment to child welfare, positions her as a valuable asset on the board of the Child Liberation Foundation. Her unwavering dedication to protecting children aligns seamlessly with the foundation's mission, making her an invaluable advocate for those in need.